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SQL Server Consulting

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One of the main relational DBMS in the market, being the fastest e the safest among all other databases, SQL Server is versatile, powerful and comes with a data platform built into the product license, including data integration tool, big data tool (from 2019), analytics tool data mining, reporting tool, data cleansing, MDM and more, at a much more affordable value than its main competitor, Oracle Database.

Therefore, we have a team of SQL Server specialists, as we understand that we cannot be the best at everything, and, therefore, our proposal is to be the best in the market in SQL Server and through partnerships with other specialists, we managed also serve other DBMS's such as Postgres, Oracle and MySQL.

Do you have SQL Server in your company? So let us analyze for free your environment and I'm sure we can help your bank be even better, faster and safer.

What sets us apart from other SQL Server consultancies?

  • The only consultancy team in Latin America that has no less than 6 (six) Microsoft MVP's in the data area. This is an award given by Microsoft to specialist professionals who stand out in the market for being references in the area, influencers, leaders of technical communities and content creators. Currently, there are 26 MVP's in the data area across Brazil.
  • The company is Microsoft Gold Partner Data Platform E Data Analytics: Microsoft seal that ensures that our team is highly skilled and has close ties with Microsoft to provide advanced training and technical support on any issues encountered with any product.
  • 24 × 7 DBA team: We know that your company cannot stop, so we always have a team at your disposal to monitor and monitor your database
  • Our team is a national reference for its performance tuning expertise: Forget queries taking a long time to process and overloading the database
  • And speaking of Performance Tuning, the Fabiano Amorim is part of our team of experts. Simply, one of the largest references in the world and the main reference when talking about SQL Server in Brazil, currently
  • Alerts and monitoring: Our scripts, which we share for free with the entire community, are very famous for being able to monitor all critical points in a database. We can anticipate problems before they impact your environment.
  • Data Security and Privacy Professionals: We are ready and able to assist your business with LGPD's demands and needs
  • Multidisciplinary Team: Team has extensive experience in Azure services, database, engineering and data architecture to always come up with the best and most innovative solutions for your data project.
  • Team formed by real experts: Here, Junior has no time. The client hires us to solve complex problems and not to learn and train during the project.
  • We work remotely to serve customers from anywhere in the world. Do you want attendance? We have consultants located in Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Ceará, Federal District and São Paulo. No matter where you are, we have a consultant near you (or we can send it to you)
  • Our training platform It is well known for providing the highest quality and exclusive training. And our client, have discount!
  • Passionate about data and sharing knowledge. Our team loves what they do, and that's why they do so well. In addition, we are passionate about sharing knowledge with articles and videos. In 2019 alone, our SQL Server consultants 'technical blogs exceeded the 1 million views mark and our BI consultants' videos exceeded the 2 million view mark. Additionally, at 2019 our consultants delivered more than 30 face-to-face lectures at leading data events across Brazil.

How we can help with your SQL Server database

  • FREE SQL Server Checkup: Review and suggest security improvements for your environment
  • Monitoring Your SQL Server 24h: We will be closely following your bank's errors, alerts and performance and will act proactively in case of any problems.
  • Analysis and implementation of database administration best practices
  • Database Configuration and Installation
  • High Availability Project Deployment: AlwaysOn, Cluster, Log Shipping and Replication
  • Deploying Cloud Migration Projects (Azure or Amazon RDS)
  • SQL Server Migration to Another Server or Version Upgrade
  • Creation of alert routines when a critical problem occurs and DBA is notified immediately
  • Creation / revision / maintenance of backup routines (Full, Differential and Incremental)
  • Configuring Cloud Backup Routines (Azure)
  • Creation of daily monitoring routines for problem prevention (jobs, disk space, capacity planning, availability, permissions, etc.)
  • Creation of audit routines for logins, data changes, structure changes (with history), changes to jobs (with history) and changes to instance parameters and settings
  • Development of SQL and Transact-SQL Queries for various purposes
  • End-to-End Database Performance Problem Resolution
  • Error and problem analysis: Having trouble with the database? We don't solve it for you
  • Online and In-Company Training on Queries Development, Performance Tuning, DBA Day-to-Day Tasks, and Database Administration
  • Selling SQL Server Licenses

Want to request a quote?

Need help managing your company's SQL Server database? Want to upgrade, migrate to cloud or another server? Need to deploy a high availability model to ensure bank operation in case of hardware failures? Is your bank slow or experiencing errors that you cannot resolve?

Fill in your details below and we will contact you to talk better about your need and start a successful partnership.

consulting database, sql, sql server, es, victoria, holy spirit, old village, guarapari

consulting database, sql, sql server, es, victoria, holy spirit, old village, guarapari