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Windows 10 - How to redeem the Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 photo viewer

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In this very short and quick post, which has nothing to do with development or database, I'll talk about solving a problem I had when upgrading Windows 8.1 from my personal computer (which I use to make my posts) to Windows. 10 (finally) and had a great deal of resistance to using the new photo viewing software that comes standard on Windows 10, since I didn't find an option to use the old photo viewer, present since Windows XP and I didn't find this new one software as practical and light as the old one.

To try and solve this, I even downloaded other software like Irfanview, but what I really wanted was the classic photo viewer. With some research on the internet, I saw that the software is already installed with the OS, but Microsoft did not want to make it much easier to use (even to promote the new software), but with the REG script below, this can easily be reversed:

Open images automatically with Classic Photo Viewer

Copy this code and save it to a file with the extension .reg or download it Clicking this link here..

After executing the file, the system will ask if you allow the file to make changes to your computer. Click on the "Yes" option.

Another confirmation screen will be displayed and you will have to confirm again.

After the second confirmation, a dialog box will be displayed confirming the success of the operation:

READY! After that, your photos will be opened by the classic Photo Viewer, as was the case in versions prior to Windows 10.

Regards and see you next post!