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Is SQL Server Configuration Manager gone? Learn how to recover the shortcut

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Hey guys!!
In this very quick, objective and short post, I'll share a tip to open SQL Server Configuration Manager when you can't find its shortcut at all. From time to time, I will go into some client's environment and when I try to find SQL Server Configuration Manager (that tool for configuring SQL services) and I can't find it in the start menu or search:

If you cannot find SQL Configuration Manager on your server, simply open the Start Menu and type:

  • SQLServerManager10.msc (SQL Server 2008)
  • SQLServerManager11.msc (SQL Server 2012)
  • SQLServerManager12.msc (SQL Server 2014)
  • SQLServerManager13.msc (SQL Server 2016)
  • SQLServerManager14.msc (SQL Server 2017)
  • SQLServerManager15.msc (SQL Server 2019)


Remember that you will only return results if this specific version is installed on your server:

You can also go to Start Menu> Run (Shortcut: WinKey + R) and execute these commands:

When you click the “OK” button on the run screen, SQL Server Configuration Manager will open:

Another easy way to locate this executable is by opening the C: \ Windows \ System32 directory (% SystemRoot% \ System32):

Once you open this directory, you can find which versions of SQL Server Configuration Manager are installed:

Just double click to open the app:

If you want to make future uses easier, you can also create a shortcut to this application on your desktop, taskbar, or wherever you want.

Always give preference to the most current version of SQL Server Configuration Manager, because version 15 (SQL2019) views all SQL Server services until version 2019. Version 14 (SQL2017) views all SQL Server services until version 2017 and so on. That is, if you open SQL Server Configuration Manager 10 (SQL2008) and have SQL Server services from versions later than 2008, you will not see these services.

And that's it folks!
I said the post would be fast, small and objective .. lol
I hope you enjoyed this tip which is very useful when you first encounter this situation.