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SQL Server - How to Practically Share Your Execution Plans on the Web

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Speak guys !!
All quiet?

In this post I will share with you a very cool tool to practically share your execution plans on the Web, whether in forums, Whatsapp groups, Telegram groups, etc ..

Often when someone asks for help in groups or blog / forum comments, there is no option to attach the execution plan or even if you attach it, sometimes the person is on the phone and cannot open the plan there on time (no have Management Studio on mobile .. lol)

To get around this kind of problem, the famous DBA SQL Server, Brent ozar, created a tool called Paste The Plan, which allows you to share execution plans on the web, allowing anyone to view your plan easily, right through your web browser, and generate a link so you can distribute it to others.

How do I share my execution plan?

Sharing your execution plan with someone else is quite simple: Just enable the execution plan (Current or Estimated), copy the plan XML code and paste it into the tool.

Did not understand? Don't worry, I will explain in more detail.

Enable and manage execution plan (Current or Estimated)

To enable the execution plan estimated, just select the snippet you want to analyze, and hit the shortcut keys Ctrl + L or the Query> Display Estimated Execution Plan menu.

To enable the execution plan current, just select hit the shortcut keys Ctrl + M or in the Query> Include Actual Execution Plan menu and execute the query you want to parse.

Interface option to display execution plan

If you do not know the difference between the estimated plan and the current plan, read the post SQL Server - Introduction to Performance Tuning Study.

View execution plan XML

After executing / simulating your query to view the execution plan, click on the "Execution Plan" tab and then right-click and select the option "Show Execution Plan XML ...", as shown in the image below:

When opening XML, copy all of its content.

Generate the link and share your execution plan.

Now that you have copied the XML, go to the tool's website. Paste The Plan and paste the copied XML there and click the "Submit" button.

With this, the site will process your XML data and will display the next screen with your generated execution plan.

With your generated link (underlined in red), you can now share it with your friends, colleagues, and professional partners at ease. They will have the freedom to view your execution plan online from the web browser, view your plan's XML code and even download it to open in their favorite program (Management Studio, SQL Sentry, etc.)

As you can see, this tool is very practical, and even displays tooltips with detailed information from each execution plan operator, such as estimated rows, returned rows, CPU cost, I / O, predicates, and so on.

It also allows people to comment on your unique and personalized execution plan link through the Disqus commenting system.

However, alerts (eg implicit / explicit conversion) that are displayed in execution plans using traditional tools such as Management Studio or SQL Sentry, and Missing index information are NOT presented using this Web tool (at least at least until the date of publication of this post).

I hope you enjoyed this tooltip and that it can help you every day.
Any questions, leave it here in the comments.

Regards and see you next post.