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SQL Server - How to Learn from Basics to Certification (Courses, Virtual Labs, Virtual Academy)

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Hello people,
Good afternoon!

I was reading the blogs of other DBA's and IT professionals that I follow and I saw a really cool post on the blog Vithor Silva about free Microsoft training and courses and decided to share it with you.

I am a deep learner, technology aficionado and always looking for more knowledge to improve myself. I believe this is the profile of the IT professional (from many other areas as well). Unfortunately, I see a lot of people wanting to learn a new technology and don't even know where to start.

I believe with these links that I will post here, these people have a good guide on how to get started, learn and earn certifications.

MVA - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Through this site, free online training is offered to developers, IT professionals, database professionals, and students who want to learn about Microsoft technologies, develop their skills, and advance their careers.

For us - database professionals, the main links are:

Microsoft Virtual Labs

Virtual labs are an excellent resource made available by Microsoft (for free) for those who do not have a machine that can create multiple VMs or for some other reason use this as an excuse not to study.

With Microsoft Virtual Labs, you can test many features that we often can't create on our desktops like Cluster, AlwaysON, Partitioning, Azure, PowerView / PowerPivot, etc.

Microsoft Virtual Labs:
SQL Server Labs:
Microsoft Learning Resources:
SQL Server Certifications:

Original Vithor Post:

Want to know ALL about data area certification exams? Watch the Data Platform Certification Webinar, which I attended along with Caio Lover, Danilo Cardoso, Maruan Aawar and Meirieli Ribeiro:

That's it folks!
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