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SQL Saturday # 900 - Vitória / ES: A dream that impacted over 300 professionals and students

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Speak guys !!
Sorry for the rush of the last few months, but it's hard to find time to post… lol

On 24 / 08 / 2019 we had another historic event in Espírito Santo. After SQL Day ES, which we organized last year and had 450 subscribers and 250 present, we were finally able to bring a global technology event to ES, the SQL Saturday WinIt finally happened (and it was a tremendous success)!

It all started there on 2017 when we started Local Group SQL Server - ES, and after holding 12 meetings and a SQL Day - ES, we took courage and requested a date from PASS ( for the organization of SQL Saturday Vitória.

Well, after a while, in April, precisely on 24, we launched the SQL Saturday - Victoria website and opened CALL For Papers and had 63 Lectures Submitted. The first question we had was answered because we had enough lectures (thank goodness !!!). After that, we became concerned about the sponsors. This was our biggest difficulty, as we had sponsorship only from companies of friends who are already working in the community. With only two weeks left to the event, we were having trouble paying the full cost of just the sponsors we got, but the financial relief came when Microsoft Global got in the loop and put in enough money to cover the rest of the event expenses. (coffee, arts, banners, etc).

Throughout the preparation period we wondered what the audience would be like and how many people we would have at the event. To our surprise, we closed registrations with 823 people subscribed and on the day of the event we had more than 300 people present. The low point of the event was the break of more than 50% in the list of subscribers and attendees at the event, but I would like to congratulate the people who came from cities in the interior of ES. We also had people coming from other states like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Bahia just to attend the lectures of the event.

Event Photo Gallery

And toasts ??? Got a toast? HAD YES !!

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Speakers Show

On Saturday the speakers gave a show !!! There were 28 lectures throughout the day with the presence of the crowd until the last lecture with full auditorium!

Thank you very much to each of the speakers who left their homes, borne the expenses of travel, hotel and food without earning a penny for it, just the pleasure of sharing knowledge and meeting friends at the event.

In particular I would like to be highlighting three speakers who were above average and who literally made a great effort to be attending the event. THE Renato Groffe who on the way to the airport had a car accident and missed the flight, but paid another flight not to leave the event at hand. THE Jucinei Santos who was not even on the speakers list, but drove 1200 KM to attend the event and eventually had to plug a last-minute hole in the lecture grid. Finally, the Raul Oliveira, who made a real marathon to come to the event, as he left Cuiabá at 03: 00 in the morning, flew to Brasilia, then to Salvador and finally arrived in Vitória. Then he still had to return to Brasilia on Saturday even after the event.

Donations / Solidarity Event

One of the things we could have done better was getting people to bring a pound of food to the event. We talk a few times, but we don't hit that key hard on all the announcements.

The Salesian himself with his social projects found some homes to receive our food.

I was a little sad that I couldn't help anymore. However, next year's goal is to focus much more on that.

Dinner, Tours and Post-Event Happy Hour

On Thursday I had a speaker for Vitória:

On Friday we had our traditional dinner with the speakers:

With so many speakers coming from other states (mostly), many who are visiting the Holy Spirit for the first time, we couldn't help but show them some cool points during their visit to our state right? Starting with happy hour in the traditional Abertura bar:


The first thank you is to my fellow organizers, Tiago Neves, Fabrício Lima e Vithor SilvaBecause without them, this event, like all the other 13 we organized, would not have gotten off the ground. Only we know how to organize events is hard work and time consuming (and often even money).

I would like to register here my thanks to the entire staff of the Catholic University Center of Vitória, through the Prof. Marcelo Schuster, which mobilized half the world at the Faculty for the event. I also congratulate the marketing team through Ana Paula and Vinicius Vacari, who created all of our event promotion arts, the cleaning aunts, because the bathrooms, halls, and hallways were all the time being cleaned.

And I couldn't help but thank Fabiana Lima, she was not a hand on the wheel, but it was a wheel in the hand, because if everything came out neat and everything was executed in the details was thanks to her.

Many thanks also to all from the support team who made sure everything on the day went as planned:
- Erica roque
- Charles luxinger
- Luiz Vitor
- Caroline goltara
- Leandro Lima
- Thais Mafra (Support And Speaker!)
- Tassio Carlini
- Alan Mainrink
- Wander domingos
- Diêgo Bernardes

I could only thank each of the sponsors, without your help and financial support the event would not have come out of paper and that dream would not have come true.

So thank you very much the companies: Microsoft, Fabricio Lima Database Solutions, Spreadsheets, Brazilians Devs, VSSTI e TOTVS - ES.

Many thanks also to the companies that somehow supported the event, whether providing gifts or resources with more affordable values: Mindworks, Angelica Neves Photography, Marly Gingerbread, Apex SQL e Catholic University Center of Victoria

We ended the event with a sense of duty accomplished! Following some posts on social networks, we can conclude that the event was a success and that we can start planning SQL Saturday Vitória / ES 2020. If you couldn't attend the event, don't miss the next one, it will be even better !!!