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SQL Operations Studio - 64-bit Management Studio running on Windows, Linux and Mac

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On November 15, Microsoft publicly released a preview (beta) version of SQL Operations Studio, a modern 64-bit tool that has been revamped for administration of SQL Server instances, whether it be Windows, Linux, Mac, running on Virtual Machines. , Docker, Azure, or physical machines.

Developed from Visual Studio Code and packaged through Electron, the purpose of SQL Operations Studio (MSOS) is to be a very lightweight, portable (no installation required), cross-platform tool (runs on Windows, Linux and Mac) and highly customizable and open-source (Github), enabling suggestions and active community action in product development.

To view SQL Operations Studio source code on Github or even download ready-to-use executable binaries, visit this link.

Microsoft Product Video

The end of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)?

After the announcement of this tool, many people wondered if this would be the end of Management Studio (SSMS), but Microsoft itself made a point of stating that this is not in their plans.

SQL Operations Studio is still in preview version, so it's not the final version of the product yet, so we may encounter some bugs and issues while using it, such as problems with Intellisense not recognizing bank objects or some keyboard shortcuts not working as expected. In addition, many important SSMS features such as SQL Agent, Extended Events, and various Wizards are not yet present in MSOS, making it necessary to use SSMS for many day-to-day tasks.

Connecting to SQL Server Using MSOS

Connection screen - We can use SQL and Windows AD authentication and also create groups of servers

Advanced Connection Options

What I liked most about SQL Operations Studio

Various themes to choose from according to your preference

Dashboard of your instance

Dashboard of your database

Preferences Screen - Everything parameterized by code (JSON)

Backup Wizard

Restore Wizard

Knowing SQL Operations Studio Intellisense

Results export options to CSV, JSON, and Excel

Chartviewer - Create interactive charts with your data

Visualization of the execution plan (for now, only the estimated)

Integrated terminal - Create and test powershell codes directly from Operations Studio

Snippets - Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly execute T-SQL commands

Context menu - Code formatting, facility to view the definition of objects and Refactor to rename variables in the open tab

That's it folks!
I hope you enjoyed this post and download SQL Operations Studio to get to know more about this tool that will still have to talk.

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