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Power BI - Who are the Microsoft MVP's in Brazil?

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Speak guys!
In one of the last posts of 2018, I would like to share with you a Power BI dashboard with the information of all MVP's in Brazil, which are available on the portal Find an MVP.

What is MVP?

For those unfamiliar with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program, he recognizes community leaders who have already demonstrated an exemplary commitment in helping others make the most of their experience with Microsoft technologies. They share their exceptional passion, real-world knowledge, and technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft.

These contributions can be through:
- Submitting project source codes
- Personally speaking (lectures and events)
- Helping others in forums, (and why not Telegram / Whatsapp groups)
- Creating content (articles, blog posts, recorded videos, webcasts, lives)
- Providing Feedback for Microsoft Products

I had already commented about the program in my article Congratulations 2018-2019 Microsoft MVP!, which I wrote when I received confirmation that I had joined the program, that one of the missions of these professionals is to bring technology, innovation and knowledge to the communities where it is located (and why not, to the whole world, through the content created). by him on the Internet).

If you want to help create and organize more IT events in your area and start participating and contributing more to the tech tech community, a good way is to look for one of these professionals to help you achieve this, so that 2 help each other in this endeavor.

Getting back to focus: Power BI

Getting back to the focus of Power BI after watching the video POWER BI - Web connector. How to capture sites with more than one page. Rafael MendonçaI had the idea of ​​using the Power BI Web connector to Webscrape the information available on the MVP Portal and create a dashboard.

At this stage, I had difficulty capturing the profile photo link and profile URL, as this information is the attribute of the tags. A e img and the Power BI interface couldn't support it, just editing the M code, which was like this, very modest:

I called Rafael on Whatsapp to see if he had an easier way to capture it without having to edit the M code manually. That's when he bought this idea and made a much more complete panel than I was thinking, bringing even the latest 10 contributions from each MVP, which looked like this:

Really, the guy is TOO Beast in Power BI .. If you were curious to know how the M code he used to build this report, follow:

In January, I will make a special appearance on the Rafael Mendonça's Youtube, demonstrating with him how this report was built step by step.

UPDATE: As promised here, below is the live video we made explaining about the Microsoft MVP program and how the report was developed step by step.

A hug and see you in the next article!