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Online and Free Events I attended so far in 2020

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Speak guys!
After a long time without posting anything here, I am slowly returning, adapting to the various changes that are occurring in my life, including a change of country, and that is why it has been a little complicated to maintain the pace that I usually have here in posts, but already I'll be “back”

I'm going to take this article to share some online events that I participated in 2020 and that I didn't write an article or divulge or show how the event was and for that reason, I will gather all these events and make them available here so you can watch, if you are interested .

Happy Hour with Data # 1 - Power BI (09/04)

Roundtable # 40: Home Office - tips and tools (03/04)

Versioning and publishing your Power BI files using PowerAutomate. (02/04)

Challenge of the Week - Edney + Planilheiros (26/03)

Roundtable # 38: Changes in Microsoft Certifications (06/03)

Roundtable # 36: LGPD - General Data Protection Law (07/02)

And these were the online events that I participated in 2020 so far, with this pandemic there is no way we can have face-to-face events.

I hope that some of these are of interest to you and that you can add knowledge to your career.

A big hug and see you in the next post.