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My impressions and study material for the DA-100 certification exam - Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (beta)

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Speak guys!
On Saturday, May 09th, I took the beta test “DA-100 - Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (beta)”, which is focused on business analysts and report / dashboard creators in Power BI, replacing the 70-778 and 70-779 exams (yes, now it’s just 1 exam) and I wanted to share my impressions about the exam and some study materials .

First of all, if you want tips on how to take certification exams at home without having too many problems, I suggest reading my post Microsoft Certification - Tips on how to take the test at home without a headache and remembering that Beta tests can only be done in Japanese or English, so if you still can't at least do a reading in English, you need to change that for yesterday. URGENT!! Working in the IT or data area in general without knowing even the basics of English, means that you will always be late and limited in relation to other professionals. It will take a few good months to have this test in Portuguese.

And to learn more about how Microsoft certification exams work, how Beta exams work and also study material for exam 70-778 (Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI), visit my post Microsoft Certifications - Tips, Links, and Study Materials for SQL Server 2016 MCSA and MCSE Tests.

In general, I found this test very easy, especially in relation to 70-778, which demanded more knowledge of DAX, in addition to Office 365 Administration, Integration with Sharepoint, One Drive and several other comprehensive knowledge unrelated to Power BI and which now were not charged in this test (remembering that there is a bank of questions and that maybe it did not fall in my test, but yours may have questions about it), but the test is more up to date, already with questions about Main influencers and decomposition tree , for example.

However, there are many questions of logic in this test, where you have to reason to solve some questions (not only technical knowledge is enough), some basic knowledge of data types are present (integer is faster than string, for example). Knowledge of types of relationships, cardinalities, optimization of report performance (both in loading and in the type of data, cardinalities and other good practices) were also charged.

UPDATE (01/07): The test result came out and I went APPROVED!

And if you are studying Power BI, you cannot miss the pioneering Power BI channel in Brazil and the largest and most complete Power BI channel in Latin America, the Planilheiros Brazil, which has almost 400 videos with content from basic to advanced.

DA-100 exam material (Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI)

As this test is still in beta, the Learning Path page for that exam it is not yet available, that is, it does not have official material for study (like any beta test).

Study material according to what I remember from the exam

I will highlight what I remember that fell on the test to try to direct your study, remembering that there are several variations of the test and will not always be the same questions:

Study material according to the Microsoft exam page

I am also making available this collection of links to help in the studies in this test according to the official content of the test:

Prepare the data (20-25%)

Modeling the Data (25-30%)

View the Data (20-25%)

Analyze the Data (10-15%)

Publish and Maintain Deliverables (10-15%)

Live on the Planilheiros channel about the event

With that, I close this collection of study materials for the DA-100 certification test - Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (beta), in which I believe that if you study everything in this article, in addition to passing the test, you should learn a lot about Power BI.

That's it folks!
I hope you enjoyed this article and even more!