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MS SQL Server - A new portal for technical articles and information on events, webcasts and lectures

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Speak guys!

I would like to share with you a very nice news that I developed together with the technical community of Data Platform, which is the portal MS SQL Server.

This new portal acts as an aggregator of technical articles from various data specialists, separated by technology (SQL Server, Power BI, Reporting Services, Azure, Analysis Services, etc.).

In addition, this new portal is classifying posts between technical articles and post posts and event information. This will make it much easier to read technical articles and also to learn about upcoming events.

Another interesting feature of this new portal is the dissemination of local groups, where you can find a group near you and start participating in face-to-face events and interact with the technical community of your region.

You can also view the posts written and published by each of the authors of this new portal and subscribe to the portal newsletter, to receive an email whenever a new article or event is posted, so always be up to date with what's up. newest in technology and events held in person or online throughout Brazil.

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Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this news, which promises to make life much easier for those who want to keep up with the news, meet and interact with local groups in your region, participate in events and also follow great technical articles written by great data specialists.

I would like to leave a special thanks to the Fernando Ruicci, which provided the hosting and domain of the portal and was fundamental for this project to be implemented.

If you have any questions or would like to include your site in this new portal, please feel free to contact the administrators on their respective sites or in this contact link:
- Dirceu Resende
- Fernando Ruicci
- Sulamite Dantas
- Luiz Vitor Lima
- Rodrigo Crespi

Regards and see you next post.