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Marketing and IT: discover the benefits of integrating these areas in your company!

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The use of different data and technologies are common practices in several areas, as they contribute to strategic and more agile actions in companies. the union of Marketing and IT, for example, adds many benefits, improving the use of technological equipment and systems, as well as the way of dealing with information and access, bringing more efficient flows and more effective strategies.

The Marketing and IT sectors can work together to improve communication with the public and sectors, improving dissemination strategies, in addition to strengthening the brand.

Thanks to technological evolution, this approximation between IT (Information Technology) and marketing is possible, allowing to add more automation to the routine and bring more guided decisions, positively transforming the company's performance.

The union of Marketing with IT and its impacts on the company

Technology has positively influenced the department of Marketing, helping companies from different segments to obtain positive results, since the use of technology is inserted and optimized.

Furthermore, marketing strategies can be even better because they have tools that enable data analysis or optimize the performance of teams as a whole, helping in the relationship with customers, in addition to boosting profits and sales.

The positive growth is due to the combination of Marketing and IT, which provide new ways of acting and opportunities for business.

How do these sectors complement each other?

Advances in the technology sector allow marketing to be improved, and a clear example of this is the development of software such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Such tools can be implemented to automate tasks and add agility and precision to processes.

Considering that it is the IT sector that makes these platforms available, or even optimizes them and demonstrates the flows, it is essential that the marketing department has a proximity to the area, developing and finding the software that best meets the routine.

Advantages of approaching Marketing and IT

There are several benefits that companies can take advantage of when uniting the strengths of both areas, since both sectors are strategic and can improve the actions, flows and results of a company. 

Thus, it is important to know the main advantages of creating integrated projects and/or uniting the areas of activity:


1) Increases opportunities to get closer to consumers

IT industry tools provide more opportunity for marketers to understand the profile of the target audience, as well as segment them through intuitive tools. 

This advantage and possibility makes a lot of difference in the process of creating strategies for marketing and content planning, since they can be more appropriate to the profile of the customers reached and that one wants to reach.

The team can, for example, invest more in the concept of Inbound Marketing, which aims at a more subtle advertising disclosure, different from traditional advertising which is more aggressive. After all, you know exactly how and with whom to talk, making you locate the brand.

Through steps such as attraction, conversion, sales and enchantment, companies are able to efficiently publicize their products and services and awaken the consumer's desire to voluntarily look for the company, knowing more about the organization's work.

The more knowledge about consumers, the greater the chances of offering a quality experience, which makes the loyalty process easier.


2) Enables monitoring of results

CRM and the Interaction Analytics are tools that can be used to track data, in addition to helping the advertising campaign team to monitor the disclosures made in real time, all through the technology made available by the IT team and the work of data scientists.

Tracking performance is important to see if marketing strategies are having the expected effect. The faster the measurement, the more agile the marketing response can be.

Companies that use paid ads, for example, need to monitor the results to understand, for example, what needs to be improved and which strategies are having the best effect, in order to have more appropriate future campaigns.

For this, campaigns can be developed on platforms such as Twitter Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, among others.

3) Saves time and resources

The alignment of Marketing and IT can positively impact the management of company resources, especially money and time. 

With access to the data that the tools offered by IT and the use of suitable platforms for optimizing routines, marketing actions become more precise and qualified.

What can be used for the successful union of Marketing and IT?

The junction of these two areas is something that requires assertive decisions by the leaders and managers of both sectors. Some practical tips that can help are:

  • Bet on cloud computing;
  • Invest in hiring the hybrid professional;
  • Adopt technologies to unify the communication of the two areas;
  • Align KPIs (Performance Indicators);
  • Make investments in the infrastructure of each sector.

These are measures that can improve both marketing and IT performance, motivating employees to do their best to develop marketing strategies. Content Marketing and data analysis.

In this way, the combination of Marketing and IT is an excellent way to develop strategies that help to win new customers, strengthen the brand image, in addition to allowing these two important areas of the company to work in harmony to generate great gains for the company.