6 more lives I participated for you to watch on Power BI, Big Data, Data Careers, MySQL, Postgres and much more (25/04/2020 to 13/05/2020)

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Hey guys!
These last 3 weeks were a lot of work and several events where I participated and I believe that I managed to generate a lot of free and high quality content for you.

I participated in six lives and would like to share with you, so you can watch if they are of interest to you, where it was covered about Power BI, QlikSense, Tableau, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Careers, Task Automation with DBA Tools and much more!

13/05 at 20:00 pm - Happy Hour with Data # 6 - MySQL vs PostgreSQL

In the sixth live of “Happy Hour with Data”, we will present and compare the 2 main open-source relational databases on the market: MySQL (MariaDB) and PostgreSQL.

We will discuss the main characteristics of each tool, its strengths, weaknesses, resources, ease of use and much more of the two tools.

08/05 at 20:00 - Happy Hour with Data # 5 - Power BI vs Tableau vs Qlik

In the fifth live of “Happy Hour with Data”, we will present and confront the 3 main data analysis and visualization tools on the market: Power BI, Tableau and Qlik.

We will discuss the main characteristics of each tool, its strengths, weaknesses, resources, ease of use and more, with live demonstrations of the three tools.

06/05 at 20:00 - SQL Server ES # 16 - Data Professional Skillset

On 06/05, the first ONLINE event held by SQL Server ES, we will be meeting at the 16th Meeting, where we will talk about Career in the data area, focusing on Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI.

Our speaker will be Diego Nogare, Chief Data Officer at the Lambda3 Consulting company and also a Regional Director at Microsoft, and one of the largest technical references in the data area in Brazil, being an expert from SQL Server to Big Data, IA and Machine Learning. He was Microsoft MVP in the data area from 2008 to 2019 and is the author of 8 books in the data area.

30/04 at 20:00 pm - Happy Hour with Data # 4 - Big Data: On-Premises or Cloud?

In the fourth live of “Happy Hour with Data”, we will talk about a subject that is “hype” in the technology market, especially due to the constant and exponential growth of data volume within companies, which is Big Data.

We will debate on the main architectures and tools of the Big Data market, both in local data center scenarios and in Cloud Computing scenarios in AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft) and GCP (Google) clouds. It will be possible to understand in a non-trivial way when projects need this type of implementation with some cases of real big projects being put “on the table”.

30/04 at 20:00 pm - Command line: tips and tricks - Lightning Talks # 2

Check out this ONLINE and FREE event (Lightning Talks # 2) from the Coding Night channel for quick presentations covering useful tips and tricks in the use of tools like PowerShell and Bash, in addition to the support offered by technologies such as Azure, .NET Core, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps and DBATools at work with the command line.

Apr 28 at 04:20 pm - Nerdzao # 00 - Power BI

In this FREE and ONLINE meeting we will talk a little about Power BI, and how this tool can assist in the data analysis process.

A hug to you all and until the next post (or live .. lol)