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Live – PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Managed Instance and Cosmos DB: Managing PaaS Banks Beyond Azure SQL Database

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Speak guys!
The use of databases in the Microsoft cloud goes far beyond Azure SQL Database: We also have alternatives such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Azure Managed Instance and also multimodel NoSQL solutions such as Cosmos DB.

In this live, you will learn the basics of database administration and avoid common mistakes made by professionals with no experience in this area.

We will demonstrate the price differences between services, technical differences, how to hire, how to connect, administration tools, backup/restore, replication and much more! This is your chance to learn more about the other self-managed Azure DBMS that allow easy and professional database administration, even by professionals who are not DBAs.

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Speakers already confirmed:

  • Dirceu Resende – Microsoft MVP
  • Rafael Mendonca – Microsoft MVP
  • Renato Groffe – Microsoft MVP, MTAC

08/06/2022 at 21am

Event registration link:

UPDATE: Stream link

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