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[Live] - How was the webcast “Sete Zomis e uma LEI” - The LGPD in the view of IT professionals

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Speak guys!

In this post, I would like to share with you the recording of the live Sete “Zomis” and a LEI, which I participated at the invitation of Arthur Luz, along with leading IT market professionals from various areas to discuss LGPD, the General Data Protection Act, which aims to increase the privacy of personal data and prevent cases such as the major leaks of information and scandals involving precisely the misuse of personal information that we have been following in recent years.

The creation of this law places Brazil in the list of more than 100 countries that today can be considered adequate to protect privacy and data use in the global scenario.

The theme mobilized Congress mainly after the leak of data from users of Facebook, one of the largest social networks, collected by the company Cambrigde Analytica and used in the last elections in the United States.

To discuss, explain and debate on this topic, we were able to form a team of respect, with reference professionals throughout the national scene:

A few days before this video was recorded, I had written the article General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPDP or LGPD) applied to SQL Server databaseswhere I had to study the law a lot and it was a good guide to guide me in the things I commented during the event.

In this live, we debated on various topics and subjects, highlighting the following topics:

  • What is the motivation of LGPD? Why was she raised?
  • LGPD Overview
  • Rules of the law
  • Consent: The Big Change
  • What is sensitive data
  • How it will impact your business
  • How it will impact IT
  • Is LGPD an IT-only Demand?
  • Tools and resources to prevent leaks

If you want to know what IT professionals view in different areas, be sure to watch the video below, as I am sure it will change your view of this law.

Live video (recording)

A big hug to you and even more!