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How was the Live of the DevelopersBR channel - Security on SQL Server - Are you leaving the key under the rug?

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Speak guys!
Yesterday I had the honor and the pleasure of participating in a live (event link) of the group DevelopersBR, where I was able to share my presentation “Security in SQL Server - Are you leaving the key under the rug?”, which I had already lectured on SQL Server ES #11, MVPConf LATAM 2019 and SQL Saturday # 844 - Belo Horizonte and I would like to end this lecture online, allowing people who cannot attend me at these events to have the opportunity to watch this presentation from anywhere and whenever they wish, as it is recorded on YouTube.

As I had a time limit of 50 mins in the other lectures, I had to reduce the time for this presentation, but this time I was able to go into more detail about each resource and bring you more real examples and demonstrations! If you watched this presentation in person, it is worth watching it again in this “extended” format .. lol 🙂

I count on you there and we will make our SQL Server more secure !!

Presentation - Security in SQL Server

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I hope you enjoyed this presentation, a big hug and see you next time!