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How was the 1st SQL Server Meetup at Microsoft - Slides and Material

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Speak guys!
On 16 / 10, I had the pleasure of speaking at the 1º SQL Server Meetup, held at Microsoft headquarters in São Paulo, at the invitation of the event organizer, Caio Lover.

No words to describe the satisfaction and happiness of being able to share a little about my vision of the role of dba these days, to personally meet several people who had been interacting with it for a while on social networks and communicators and also to speak at the same event that the legends Fabiano Neves Amorim e Thiago Carlos de Alencar.

In my talk, I had the opportunity to comment on my view of DBA from a few years ago, seen almost as an enemy of developers and the BI team, and DBA's role in present and future times, where he is a partner in the areas. development / bi, working in the DevOps culture, automating repetitive tasks and acting more in line with business needs.

I also demonstrated some tools and features that enable DBA to deliver more results with much less time and effort, such as monitoring tools (Redgate SQL Monitor, ApexSQL Monitor and the SQL Performance Monitor), HealthCheck tools such as sp_Blitz, by Brent Ozar and also various tools such as the DBA Tools.

If you want to know a little more about these tools, I commented and attached some videos about them in my article. SQL Server - How to Identify a Slow or “Heavy” Query in Your Database.

Slides from my talk

DBA Tools script used in the demo:

Event Photo Gallery

Check out the photo gallery of the event, which was amazing!

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I would like to thank everyone who was willing to attend the event, because without you, this event would not be possible.
A big hug and until next time!