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How Was the SQL Server ES 12 Meetup

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Speak guys!
On 11 / 05, I had the honor of participating in the organization of the 12 SQL Server ES Meeting. In this event, we met at the Catholic University of Vitória (UCV), which has been a great partner since the beginning of the technical community.

Speaking of technical content, we are preparing two very interesting lectures. Ruy lacerda, from Planilheiros, gave the lecture “Data Processing with Power BI”, where he demonstrated several ways to use the M language and the Power BI Desktop interface to solve common problems in data sets, and the speaker Thais Mafra, from Skyes, presented the lecture “Power BI + Streaming Dataset Flow + OneDrive + Excel”, presenting an overview of Power BI, how Flow works within Office 365 and how we can use this feature to deliver data that is automatically updated when they are changed at the source.

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About SQL Server ES

At the beginning of 2017, SQL Server ES organizers Fabrício Lima (PASS Chapter Co-Leader) and Tiago Neves (PASS Chapter Leader) started a movement to unite the technical community of Espírito Santo and begin to create this culture and this movement. innovation and sharing in the state. Soon after, Dirceu Resende and Vithor Silva were invited to compose the organization of “SQL Server ES”.

With this team in the organization, the 1 SQL Server ES Meeting was held on 06 / 04 / 2017, at the Salesian University Center of Vitória, being a great success of public and opinions of the participants, starting an important and great movement of union of data professionals from Espírito Santo, with the participation of students and technology professionals from all over Greater Vitória, even from regions of the interior of the state, such as Aracruz, Domingos Martins and Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, for example.

To date, we have held 12 in-person events (all free) where we covered Data Security, Performance Tuning, Power BI and Sentiment Analysis, Databases, Chat Bots and more. Our focus is to talk about Development, Database, BI, Big Data, Machine Learning and other data area trends, with average participation of 60-100 people and wide dissemination in various social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

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