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How was SQL Server ES # 14 - SQL Server 2019 and Analyzing big data with Power BI

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Speak guys!
Last Thursday, 19/12, we held the 14th SQL Server ES Meetup (which has not been an exclusive SQL Server event for a long time .. rs), held at Brooder - Innovation Hub, where the Fabricio Lima e Luiz Lima showed the news of SQL Server 2019.

In addition, the staff could attend my lecture with the Leandro Lima, where we demonstrate how to consume large data (380 million rows + 4 dimensions) in just 1 second with PowerBI, both to load data into Power BI and to calculate data and display it in a table.

This is the 14th Meetup we held, plus 2 other major annual events, with over 250 attendees each:

Talk Slides:

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