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How was GPDI Data and Tech 2019 in Fortaleza / Ceará

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Speak guys!
In this post I would like to share with you the photos and materials of my presentation on GPDI Data and Tech 2019 in Fortaleza / Ceará, organized by Rafael Mendonça. And it was a pleasure to meet this angry guys from GPDI and Fortaleza. It is always a pleasure to share knowledge about what we like and try to bring something new and / or things different from what people already knew.

My talk was on the topic “SQLCLR: Transforming your SQL Server into something much more than a database”, where I was able to explain to the event participants what SQLCLR is, how it works, what we can do with it, what are its advantages and disadvantages, part of security, performance benefits (which are many and VERY significant) and, of course, a demo of almost 20 mins showing several incredible features that we can use within SQL Server with this feature.

Slides and Demo of my talk

DEMO script used (must have my library installed):

If you are interested in learning more about SQLCLR and how to extend SQL Server functionality using C # / VB.NET, I recommend reading my article. Introduction to SQL Common Language Runtime (CLR) in SQL Server, where I explain all the concepts of SQLCLR (as I did in this talk) and demonstrate how to create your first SQLCLR library until you publish and use your project in SQL Server.

Very soon, I will be making available on GitHub, the source code of my SQLCLR library, which I use in some clients and also in those we give in my lectures. Stay tuned to follow this news and start increasing (and much) the your daily productivity.

Event Photo Guys

Once again, it was a great pleasure to meet Fortaleza and speak at this event.
A big hug and until the next post!