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How was Terças de Dados # 38 - The Modern and Automated DBA - DBA Brasil

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Speak guys!
In this post I would like to share with you my excellent experience participating in the #38 Data Tuesdays, event held almost every Tuesday by Fabio Cotrim, where I was able to bring to my attendees my vision of the Modern and Automated DBA, how is this professional's new profile, some new tasks and activities that he has today and that some years ago had not and also demonstrated some tools that help in the day to day productivity of these professionals.

That was the same presentation I did on 1º SQL Server Meetup at Microsoft (SP), but each presentation ends up being different, both for the questions and for the moment, so if you attended in person in SP, it's worth watching again anyway 🙂

Recorded video of the broadcast for anyone who wants to review the presentation or who couldn't keep up

Presentation Slides

Once again, thank you for your invitation. Fabio Cotrim and everyone who could invest their time watching us.

A big hug and even more!