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How was Data Tech Day 4, held in Belém do Pará by SQL Norte

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Speak guys !!
Last Saturday (07 / 12) I was in Belém do Pará to speak at the Data Tech Day 4 event, the largest data event in northern Brazil. The event was organized by Wiluey Sousa, Renata Cascaes, Sandro Cascaes, Sérgio Passos and Cassia Queiroz.

Data Tech Day 4 has entered the history of Northern Brazil, bringing innovation and Microsoft technologies to this region of the country. The event was very well organized and I thought the audience was very interested in the news we were sharing with them. It's a big community and it has everything to yield great results.

I would like to thank you all for your kindness and the invitation to participate in Data Tech Day 4 and if you are from the northern region of Brazil, participate more in this community! They have groups on Whatsapp and Telegram that are great for networking with other professionals and companies, learning about upcoming events, submitting questions and also helping with colleagues' questions.

My lectures

When Will invited me to be a speaker at this event, I was going to hold just one lecture (Programming with SQL Server), but due to a speaker who was unable to attend, I ended up preparing another lecture (Power BI + Analysis Services - Analyzing large volumes of data ) and it was really cool to talk about two subjects that I really like: Programming and Power BI for large companies.

1 Lecture: Programming with SQL Server

In this session, I demonstrated several SQL Server programming features, such as OLE Automation, xp_cmdshell, SQLCLR, handling, importing and exporting Excel, text files, CSV, JSON, XML, Webscraping, and API queries.

Download scripts and slides
Data Tech Day 4 - Programming with SQL Server

Lecture 2: Power BI + Analysis Services - Analyzing large volumes of data

In this session, I demonstrated how Analyzing large data through Power BI using Columnstore and DirectQuery indexes or Analysis Services.

Download scripts and slides
Data Tech Day 4 - Power BI + Analysis Services - Analyzing Big Data

Event Photo Gallery

That's it folks!
A big hug to you and until the next article.