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Faaala guys!
All in peace? Hope so!

In this non technical post, I would just like to thank everyone who visits or has visited my blog. Know that I do this work here with great affection and willingness to share the things I learn in my day to day life so that it can help other people who may have the same problem as me or that they may have a second opinion about a possible technical solution to your problem.

Just under 2 years ago, I wrote the post 100 thousand views, where I tell a little of the history of this site. I started writing here on 05 / 06 / 2014, just under 4 years ago, where I made several posts about PHP and Oracle. After that, I was 5 months without posting anything and in November of 2014 I wrote again, which was when I started to dedicate myself to the blog, and the number of visits was growing gradually each month?

And that's why I'm very happy with the number of 500 thousand views of my articles.

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Sure, I've had a lot of mistakes and hits during the 265 posts I've written so far, and I'm always looking to improve the quality of what I write and always bring new things to you.

I hope my blog is useful to you and has added knowledge in your daily life, helped you with a problem or has shown some alternative to any solution you are developing.

A hug, once again, THANK YOU and see you next post!