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1st SQL Server Community Meeting - ES

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Hey guys from ES, all right?

After a long time of planning and organization, MTAC Tiago Neves, along with Fabrício Lima, managed to organize the first meeting of the SQL Server Community - ES. The community is being formed with the goal of becoming a Chapter of Pass in Victoria. With this, we will be able to organize large events such as SQL Saturday, for example, as already occur in several other cities around Brazil and the world.

Below, more details about the event:

Date: 06 / 04 / 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 19: 30h at 21: 10h
Venue: Catholic University Center of Vitoria - Former Salesian Catholic College (link here)
Address: Victoria Avenue, 950, Fort St. John, Victoria, ES (view location)

The place has ample parking and will not be charged for access. The Salesian College, through Prof. Marcelo Albuquerque, embraced the community giving us full support.

Remember that this event is open to the entire technical and academic community of Espírito Santo.


We count on you to form this group here in ES. In other states this is already successful and just needs your willingness to want to grow professionally, learn and share experiences with other professionals.

Make your registration Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days through the link—grupo-sql-server-es__127460

See you there.