FREE and ONLINE Event: IT Info Seminar - 20/10/2018

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Hey guys!

Today I had the pleasure of speaking at 9 SQL Server ES Meeting: Power BI, Reporting Services, and Performance Tuning - 15 / 09 / 2018where I could share how was the event this link here, but I don't want to stop there.

On 20/10/2018, I will participate in the Info TI Seminar, a free and ONLINE event, which aims to bring together IT professionals in quarterly seminars to exchange experiences, where I will speak on the topic “PowerBI vs Reporting Services: Who is the best?".

Event Schedule

Schedule Fitness centre
16nd FIUMANKA Opening of the event.
16nd FIUMANKA Cristiano Joaquim - Azure HDInsights.
16nd FIUMANKA Questions to the speaker.
16nd FIUMANKA Juliana Ribeiro - Professions of the Future.
17nd FIUMANKA Questions to the speaker.
17nd FIUMANKA Bruno Milet - Free software.
17nd FIUMANKA Questions to the Speaker.
17nd FIUMANKA Dirceu Resende - PowerBI vs Reporting Services: Who is better?
18nd FIUMANKA Questions to the speaker.
18nd FIUMANKA Closing Event.

If you are interested in learning more about Power BI or Reporting Services or simply want to know the differences and similarities between these two BI tools, be sure to follow the event (for free) and without even having to leave home.

To register and attend the event, simply sign up this link here.

EDIT - Video of the event below - Post of the event by clicking here

A great day for you and until the next post!