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How was the Power BI RoadShow # 5 - Vila Velha / ES

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Speak guys!
That's fine with you, right ?!

Today I had a golden opportunity to speak at Power BI RoadShow #5 - Vila Velha / ESat the invitation of Fernando Garcia and the Ruy lacerdacreators of Spreadsheets, Latin America's largest Power BI channel on Youtube and soon the largest in the world.

Event schedule

08: 00 - Coffee Break Reception
08:30 - Opening of the event. (UVV and Microsoft)
09: 00 - What is Power BI?
09: 45 - Handling Data in Power BI
10: 30 - Range
10: 45 - Developing Metrics in Power BI
12: 15 - Lunch
13: 30 - Giveaway and Return Giveaway
13: 45 - Power BI Success Case (Fernando Garcia)
14: 30 - SQL vs. Power BI (Ruy Lacerda and Sulamita Dantas)
15: 15 - Range
15: 30 - Azure and Power BI (Dirceu Resende and Fabrício Lima)
16: 15 - Round Table (All Speakers)
17:00 - Closing of the event

The whole event was very well organized, with a very professional structure. THE University of Vila Velha (UVV) provided an excellent structure for the event and all the participants certainly felt very comfortable.

I would like to thank the invitation of the Fernando Garcia and the Ruy lacerda and it is an honor to be able to speak at the same event as these Power BI myths and also alongside some of the greatest data professionals, who are Sulamite Dantas and the Fabrício Lima and we still had the illustrious presence of the myth of Microsoft Fábio Hara. Coincidence or not, in this event we gathered all 5 MVP's of Data Platform of Espirito Santo speaking to the capixabas. Really, something amazing and shows that Espírito Santo is getting in the way of the big data events in Brazil !!

Take a look at some pictures of this great event and if you didn't go, you missed out on a great chance to learn more about the industry's # 1 BI tool and network with various IT and non-IT professionals in Espirito Santo.

Event Photo Gallery

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Slide of my presentation

If you enjoyed my presentation with the Fabrício Lima about Azure + Power BI and would like to revise some concept or if you could not watch (gave a soft one!) and would like to know about what we commented, I will provide below the slides of the presentation:

That's it folks!
A big hug and even more!