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How was MVPConf LATAM 2019

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Faala guys!
How long huh .. lol

These past few weeks I've been very busy finishing my Safety Training - 1 Module, which was WRONG TOO and was also present at the MVPConf LATAM 2019, where I had the pleasure and honor of speaking beside the myth, the legend, the Junior Galvao, professional for several years now and with a blog that has been accessed by virtually all SQL Server professionals.

Pedro Galvão and I presented the lecture “SQL Server: Are you leaving the key under the rug?”, Where we demonstrated the various risks and security breaches that we may have on a daily basis and we didn't even notice, with some practical examples of this.

The event was FANTASTIC, sensational. Very high level lectures (there were more than 200, in 2 event days!) And 2.200 registered at the event. All the money raised was donated to 5 charities in the 5 regions of Brazil. It really was the biggest Microsoft technologies event in Latin America!

And it was an honor to be able to support the organization of this great event, both in the social media (Twitter), and in the accreditation of the event, which is what marks the beginning of the event and the first experiences of the participants. And she has to be positive, right? LOL
MVPConf LATAM 2019 - Dirceu

Event Photo Gallery

If you didn't attend the event, you missed a great opportunity to network, learn new technologies, and meet great professionals. We are waiting for you next year and day 18 / 05 has the SQL Saturday # 844 - Belo Horizonte, where I will present this same lecture to my fellow Miners!

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A big hug and until next time!