How was Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 - Vitória / ES

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Speak guys !!
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Last Saturday (21 / 04), I was pleased to be able to speak at Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 - Victoria / ES and talk about Database as a Service, especially about the non-Microsoft DBMS that are supported by Azure as PaaS (or DBaaS). ), which are MySQL and PostgreSQL, as well as several other DBMSs that are supported as virtual machines (VMs), with templates already available for VM creation, with OS and database already installed, which are Oracle Database, MongoDB, Cassandra, MariaDB, Teradata and many others.

Below is the video of my talk:

Event Photo Gallery:

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How was the event schedule:
08: 00-09: 00 - Machine Setup / Accreditation
09: 00-09: 30 - Opening
09: 30-10: 30 - Introduction to Cloud Computing / Microsof Azure (MVP Rafael Santos)
10: 30-11: 30 - Bots + Azure (MVP Vitor Norton)
11: 30-13: 00 - Lunch
13: 00-14: 00 - Geo Replicable Databases (MVP Fabrício Lima)
14: 00-15: 00 - Database as a Service (MCSE Dirceu Resende)
15: 00-16: 00 - App Services + Open Source (MVP Rafael Santos)
16: 00-16: 30 - Closing

This is the first time I attend this event and now I will have to go every year. I found the experience excellent, and was able to learn a lot about other aspects of Azure, such as Chat Bots and App Services.

A Wine kindly provided us with space (excellent, by the way) for the event and would also like to thank Spreadsheets, who helped a lot in the logistics of the event and donated us an IRADA shirt to the speakers and to raffle to some visitors of the event.

Who wants to watch the videos of other lectures, feel free to access the blog of Rafael Santos, accessing this link.

That's it, guys!
Regards and see you next post.