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How was the 5th PASS Local Group SQL Server ES meeting?

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Hey guys!
All quiet?

On 11 / 11 I had the pleasure of attending the 5 PASS Local Group SQL Server ES meeting with Tiago Neves, Vithor Silva and the Fabrício Lima. If you didn't see the event post, check it out clicking this link.

As always, the structure of the Catholic University Center of Victoria it was amazing, serving and accommodating us in a very comfortable and organized way.

This time, we had several gifts being raffled by Fabricio Lima, who donated them to the event and the Mindworks donated the master gift of the event, which was an official training of the choice of the winner, worth almost 2 thousand reais! Sensational!

We also had support from AX4B, a consulting firm Microsoft, who supported the event by donating Coffee Break to attendees and also promoting the event on social networks.

Also in this event, we had the participation of MVP Rafael Ferreira dos Santos, who introduced us to the DEV-ES community, made up of multiplatform developers from Espírito Santo, without specific technology, and who are organizing the DEV-ES Conf 2017, on December 2.

The lectures

Starting the event, Vithor Silva - MCSE addressed the lecture "I bought a SQL Server and now?". where he demonstrated several features that when purchasing SQL Server comes available to businesses and often people do not know and / or do not use, such as Master Data Services and Data Quality Services, Integration Services, Polybase, etc. A very competitive differential compared to competitors, especially Oracle.

See Vithor's post about his talk

And to conclude, we had the lecture “Indexes for Beginners - Clustered, Nonclustered, Scan, Seek, Lookup and Much More” from Fabricio Lima - MVP, where he explained in detail how an index works internally, because it makes queries so fast, like identify the indexes used in queries through the execution plan and how to solve problems related to misleading indexes.

To download the lectures and view the official website of this event, visit this link.

Event Photo Gallery

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I would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the event again. I hope it was profitable and a time investment, rather than a waste of time. Waking up early on Saturday after working / studying all week is really not easy. This only shows the interest in learning more and evolving professionally. Who wasn't, missed the coffe break, networking, lectures, giveaways .. kkkkkk

This was the last SQL Server ES meeting of this year. Let's go on vacation and come back in February or March of 2018. In the meantime, we will be hosting a Happy Hour in December / 2017 and keeping in touch on LinkedIn, Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

If you want to be part of these groups, meet us and start interacting with the community, access this post here and choose the communication channel of your choice.

That's it, guys.
Soon I will be posting more news for you here.

A big hug and until the next post.