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How was the 4th PASS Local Group SQL Server ES meeting?

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Hello everybody!
All right with you ?

On 07 / 10 I had the pleasure of attending the 4 PASS Local Group SQL Server ES meeting with Tiago Neves, Vithor Silva and the Fabrício Lima. If you didn't see the event post, check it out clicking this link.

With a phenomenal structure, ISH Tecnologia welcomed us with open arms at its premises, providing a sensational Coffee Break and a very comfortable auditorium for presenting events and lectures.

How was the event?

This event started with my talk about the release of SQL Server 2017, which was released on 02 October. After this talk, the Alexandre Paiva presented his talk on “SQL Server - Security Overview”, where attendees learned more about information security and also focused on SQL Server, through SQL Injection to the physical security of the operating system and server where the bank it's installed.

At the end of the presentation, we took a break for Coffee Break and organized classes for a visit to the ISH Datacenter, the largest datacenter in Espírito Santo, where attendees could see up close and live, how a real datacenter works, what it's like. equipment, security standards and all the control necessary to keep data from various companies always online, with security and high availability.

After this break, MTAC Tiago Neves ended the event with the lecture “Backup: This saves your company and your job”, where attendees learned more about recovery models, backup / restore routines and their types and variations. They are so critical and crucial to everyday business.

Presentation - SQL Server 2017 Launch

Lecture given by me, with the theme SQL Server - Launch SQL Server 2017, where I spoke a brief summary about the news, new features and improvements of SQL Server 2017, which was launched on 02/10/2017 (5 days before the event ).

Event Photo Gallery

Check out the photos of the event:

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I would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the event again. I hope it was fruitful and a time investment. Waking up early on Saturday after working / studying all week is really not easy. This only shows the interest in learning more and evolving professionally. Who wasn't, missed the coffee break, the networking, the lectures, the giveaways .. kkkkkk

That's it, guys.
Soon I will be posting more news for you here.

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A big hug and until the next post.