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How to learn Azure Data Factory (ADF) for free – FOR FREE!

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Hey guys!!
In today's quick post, I'd like to share with you some materials to learn about Azure Data Factory (ADF) for free – FREE! If your excuse for learning the most promising ETL/ELT tool on the market was the cost of courses/trainings, now it's over!

For those who don't know, Azure Data Factory is a 100% cloud solution from Microsoft, whose goal is to promote an evolution of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), delivering several improvements, a completely renewed and rethought interface, running Spark clusters “from below of the cloths", with API's support, HTTP requests and most of the current and most modern connectors available, with alerts solution, monitoring, native integration with GitHub and Azure DevOps and with all the necessary functionalities to create a robust Data Warehouse, modern, performance and without depending on client, server, vpn and nothing.

So, here are some lives and videos to learn Azure Data Factory without spending anything and without leaving home.

Happy Hour with Data # 13 - ETL Tools

In this live, we present some of the most used ETL tools on the market: Pentaho (PDI), Alteryx, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Azure Data Factory (ADF)

Power Week | Deep knowledge of Azure Data Factory for BI projects

In this live, I tried to go beyond the basics of Azure Data Factory to help you with your BI projects. Azure Data Factory is a very complete tool for performing ETL processes in Azure.

It comes with a lot of benefits compared to Microsoft Integration Services and I tried to name several in this live. But that comes at a cost, and in some cases, SSIS can save your company budget a lot of money. On this issue of security, I also made it very clear that Azure Data Factory is MUCH better than any other ETL tool on the market in this regard.

Azure Data Factory: ETLs, Data Pipelines, and Cloud Integrations

How about implementing data extraction and transformation processes (ETLs) in the cloud with a service that requires minimal effort, is robust and allows rapid integration with the main technologies on the market? Watch this FREE ONLINE presentation to learn how Azure Data Factory can be an excellent answer to this type of need!

Azure Data Factory: ETLs, Data Pipelines, and Cloud Integrations – Part 2

In this live part 2, we show an overview of the ADF, as well as the Copy Data Tool, dynamic pipelines (Data-driven), consumption of API's Rest (with Auth and API Key) and integration with Azure DevOps.

Happy Hour with Data # 9 - From Application to Dashboard

In the ninth live of "Happy Hour with Data", we present an end-to-end BI project: ETL creation with Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps, data being written to SQL Server and MongoDB, an API using NodeJS will be created to make available this data, Creating a model in Azure Analysis Services and reading this data using Power BI. This data will still be brought back to SQL Server using SSIS!!

Microsoft Solidarity Community – Connecting your company with Azure Analytics Platform

Lectures: Enterprise Tools for ETL: The foundation of every robust BI project (Dirceu Resende), Corporate Data Democratization for BI projects (Vithor Silva) and Enriching your analysis with AI and ML services (Rafael Mendonça)

Azure Data Factory Playlist

Super complete playlist with over 85 videos about Azure Data Factory!!

DataOps and Reporting in Azure DevOps

Live focused on showing the complete integration between a BI solution with Azure DevOps, using Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Analysis Services and Power BI.

And that's it folks!
I hope you enjoyed these tips, a big hug and see you next time!