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FREE Database Check-Up + Security Analysis: Do You Need It?

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Hello everybody!
That's fine with you, right?

In this post I would like to present to you something really different, which is a FREE Check-up of your database + security analysis, processes developed and performed by the consulting team. Power Tuning, specialists in the field of database, using the best market practices, combined with the day to day experience of consulting in several large clients in Brazil.

How does this checkup work?

During this checkup, we will analyze your entire SQL Server instance and perform a quick general validation of the environment to understand how your database is “healthy”, seeking to identify better adjustments in parameters and configurations of SQL Server and the Operating System, validate backup policies, disaster recovery systems, data integrity validation, best practices during instance installation that may not have been applied, level of OS and SQL Server updates, and more.

Speaking of Performance Tuning, let's validate how the plans are cached in the environment, evidence of parameter sniffings, possible warnings in execution plans, unused, missing or duplicate indexes, memory settings, parallelism, CPU affinities, best practices for allocation. Tempdb and datafiles, counters, tools for performance analysis aids and various other validations on environmental health in relation to performance, which is a trademark of Fabrício Lima's consultancy.

And the security part? Is this evaluated too?

Bringing a huge market differentiator, we are including in our FREE checkup, over 60 specific data security validations, including permission analysis, Surface Area protection, identification of possible gateway to malicious attacks, validation of used accounts instance services, SQL Server update level, elevated permissions being used, validation of IMPERSONATE privileges, weak password identification, and users without password change policy / passwords that do not expire, settings that make potential attacks such as HideInstance difficult , and much more!

With the GDPR (Europe) and LPD (Brazil) law, which will come into force in a few months, companies are increasingly seeking to improve the security of their systems and databases to prevent attacks and information leaks, as we have. following many cases in small, medium and giant multinational companies. Included, LPD predicts, is a fine of 2% of the company's annual BILLING (limited to 50 MILLIONS REAL) in case of data leakage, which is a strong motivator to invest in this area, which for over 1 decade is left beside.

What is the final product of this checkup?

During check-up you can still count on our great mood (kkkk) and at the end of the checks we put together a complete report with improvement items and suggestions on how to resolve these items and we will send it to you. This is the result of our review and it stays with you. It's yours.

All this I have mentioned so far, you will be getting at a very cheap cost: ZERO.

After check-up, am I required to hire Consulting?

After check-up, you will receive our report with suggestions for improvement and we will close this activity with you. Feedback from what you think of our work is always welcome, but you have no obligation to hire us, you can rest assured.

With this report in hand, you can handle the improvement items we have identified for you, and if you have any difficulties or need our support, we will be available to assist you as needed.

And now, an advertisement 🙂

If you don't have DBA and need help maintaining your database, if you just want to know how healthy your bank is or if you have DBA in your company, but want a second opinion about the health of your SQL Server instances Regardless of the scenario, do not hesitate to contact us to request your check-up.

SQL Server Maintenance, Security, Power BI, Reporting Services, Integration Services and Analysis Services, and Performance Tuning, is up to us.

I want to do a FREE checkup

Did you like our FREE SQL Server checkup proposal with no obligation? Fill in the fields below or contact me on the social networks below and we will schedule a date and time to review your SQL Server instance and explain in detail what was analyzed and improvement points.

Well folks, the message is given!
A big hug to you and even more!