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Black Friday discounts for Database courses on Azure and SQL Server!

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Hello everybody!
Already in the mood of Black Friday, I would like to announce that my course on Bank Management in Azure, taught at Azure in Practice underwent some changes and is now called Database Formation in Azure, where we will be conducting live classes, answering questions in Whatsapp groups and mentoring students who acquire this training.

Furthermore, in response to several requests, we chose to separate the content into individual modules, which can now be purchased individually, if the student is only interested in one or a few modules:

Note that the modules are already discounted for Black Friday 🙂

Now it's much easier to start your career on Azure and I want to help you in this process!

Want to buy ALL 5 modules?? It has a MEGA DISCOUNT of 33% for a limited time, by clicking on the button below!!

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Besides Database Formation in Azure, you know I also have a SQL Server Security Course at Power tuning, the most complete on the Internet.

During the month of November, ALL Power Tuning courses (except for the T-SQL course) will have a MEGA DISCOUNT OF 40%, including my Security course too, just use the voucher discount month 40PWT upon payment.

If you want to learn more about how it works and how to improve your SQL Server security, now is the time!

Complete Security Course (Module 1 + Module 2)

Security Course - Module 1

Security Course - Module 2

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Did you like the news from Black Friday???
If you feel comfortable, I hope you get my trainings and also the others from PowerTuning and Azure In Practice, they are all excellent and you won't regret it!

If you don't want to acquire training for now, that's fine too, I'll wait for you in the next post.
A big hug and until next time!