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Analysis Services - Querying catalog views from SQL Server

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Hi guys,
How are you?

In this post, I would like to write about querying Analysis Services catalog views, either with queries through SQL Server or using the SQL Server Management Studio MDX or DMX query interface.

My intention in this post is just to demonstrate the catalog views (DMV) of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). If you want to understand how I do these queries by SQL Server using Linked Server “INTERFACE_CUBOS”, as if they were normal queries to the database, which I think is more practical, see how in the post Analysis Services (SSAS) - How to query information and process command line (XLMA) commands through SQL Server.

The full link to the Analysis Services DMV's can be found in this link.

Management Studio Query Example> New DMX Query

Management Studio Query Example> New MDX Query

Query Example in Management Studio> New Query (Transact-SQL)

Querying Catalog View Information

After this short introduction, let's now start our queries.

Retrieve information from all instance cubes

Retrieve cube dimension information

Retrieve attribute information from a cube

Retrieve cube information

Retrieve calculated measures information using cube expression

Retrieve dimension information and its Measure Group

That's it, guys.
I hope you enjoyed this post, which was just an introduction to using Analysis Services catalog view queries.

A hug and see you next.