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I abandoned my blog ???

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Hey guys !!!
I hope everything is fine with you!

I believe that whoever follows me here on the blog must have noticed that I have been missing a lot in the last few months here on the blog. For those who have maintained an average of 80 posts per year since 2016 (1 post every 4,5 days) and have 18 posts in 2020, which is already close to the end, it is a bit strange right? Did I get discouraged from the community and the blog?

The answer is no!

For those who don't know, at the end of February I just moved from Brazil to Barbados, a country that is in the Caribbean region, for a new professional opportunity and this adaptation ended up taking a lot of time, especially because I made the move a few weeks before the pandemic and here we had a real lockdown, where I was unable to leave the house or buy anything, such as monitors, comfortable gaming chair, etc.

In addition, I have actively participated in several and several lives, on the most diverse subjects. For those who don't know, since May 2019 I am part of the Planilheiros channel, the largest Power BI channel in Latin America and we are having weekly lives to share knowledge with the entire Power BI community (Get to know Planilheiros by clicking on this link here).

I am also part of the Happy Hour with Data channel, created at the beginning of the year and 15 events have been held so far, always with great quality and good humor. And you have no idea of ​​the work it takes to organize such a live. The work behind the scenes is very tiring. Appearing on live there, on the day of the event, is the easiest part (Know the Happy Hour with Data by clicking on this link here)..


About the lives and events I participated in. Do you want to follow what I have done in addition to the articles published here on the blog?

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03/09/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 15 - Application of AI in Image Processing
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21/08/2020 Roundtable 50 #: Database Certification? Getting to know the DP-300 + exam news!
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13/08/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 14 - Data Modeling
11/08/2020 How to solve problems with Cloud solutions
Cash Flow in Power BI
09/08/2020 Power BI and Analysis Services - Lesson 5 - How to create a Tabular cube
04/08/2020 Power BI and Analysis Services - Lecture 4 - Installation, Configuration, Contracting in Azure and Connection
03/08/2020 DEVSHOW # 20 - DATABASES
03/08/2020 “Data Analytics” & Productivity with Power BI - Lean Thinking
27/07/2020 5 years of Power BI! What has changed?
22/07/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 13 - ETL Tools
20/07/2020 People Analytics with Power BI
15/07/2020 Azure databases in practice: SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB
13/07/2020 Roundtable # 46: LGPD: General Data Protection Law - Part 2
13/07/2020 Power BI and Artificial Intelligence
08/07/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 12 - Apache Kafka in Practice
06/07/2020 3 tips on how to decrease the size of your power BI
29/06/2020 How to do Incremental Update in Power BI?
26/06/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 11 - IT Career
25/06/2020 TDC Florianópolis Online - Microsoft Room - From API to Dashboard 0 Monitoring COVID-19 on Azure
24/06/2020 Uncomplicating Azure - 5th Edition - Azure for DBAs On-Premises
22/06/2020 Round Table # 45 - DevOps + Databases | part 2
22/06/2020 3 design tips in Power BI
20/06/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 10 - Saturday with Them
18/06/2020 Square Table: Devs x DBA
17/06/2020 ExpoUNA - IT & Computing Courses - 17/06/2020
16/06/2020 DataOps and Reporting in Azure DevOps
15/06/2020 How to get your Microsoft Certification in Power BI?
14/06/2020 DatabaseCast 91: Data security
11/06/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 9 - From Application to Dashboard
09/06/2020 5 Power BI deployment tips
03/06/2020 Solidarity Community - Enterprise Tools for ETL: The foundation of any robust BI project
27/05/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 8 - Python vs R for Data Science
22/05/2020 How to learn to program
13/05/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 6 - MySQL vs PostgreSQL
08/05/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 5 - Power BI vs Tableau vs Qlik
06/05/2020 SQL Server ES # 16 - Data Professional Skillset
03/05/2020 Power BI and Analysis Services - Lesson 2 - Local (On-premises) vs Cloud (Cloud)
03/05/2020 Power BI and Analysis Services - Lecture 3 - Tabular vs Multidimensional
30/04/2020 Command line: tips and tricks - Lightning Talks # 2
30/04/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 4 - Big Data: On-Premises or Cloud?
28/04/2020 [Online] Nerdzao # 213 - Power BI
24/042020 Happy Hour with Data # 3 - SQL Server vs Oracle
22/04/2020 BI Projects - Why, why and how to start
20/04/2020 [Power Live on Instagram] Fabrício Lima and Dirceu Resende
17/04/2020 Power BI and Analysis Services - Performance, Security and Governance - Lesson 1
17/04/2020 Happy hour! Ask anything you want! #2
15/04/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 2 - NoSQL or Relational?
09/04/2020 Happy Hour with Data # 1 - Power BI
03/04/2020 Roundtable # 40: Home Office: Tips and Tools
02/04/2020 Versioning and publishing your Power BI files using PowerAutomate
26/03/2020 Challenge of the Week - Edney + Planilheiros
06/03/2020 Roundtable # 38: Changes to Microsoft Certifications
12/02/2020 Power BI Report Server - Shared Datasets
07/02/2020 Roundtable # 36: LGPD - General Data Protection Law
06/02/2020 How was my lecture “I want to work in the data area. Where to start? ” at the 15th SQL Server ES Meetup
24/01/2020 Roundtable # 35: Big Data
20/01/2020 Live University interview on SQL


How much !!! I participated in 64 events to the present day, in addition to published articles and private events, such as Power week, where we did 5 days of free and open events for anyone who wants to, but those who did not attend, can not attend anymore and so I did not even list here .

Now you understand why I am not posting so often? 🙂
But rest assured that I'm already posting again (an article came out today, minutes before that) and I already have some really cool ideas ..

Do you want to stay on top of everything I do and follow my work more closely?





And that's it folks!
A big hug and until next time!!