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4th Meeting of SQL Server ES (PASS Local Group of Espírito Santo) - 07/10/2017

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Hello everybody!
All right with you ?

Once again, we are promoting the 4 Chapter SQL Server ES Meeting, which will be held on 07 October 2017, in order to prepare and form a community able to host major events such as SQL Saturday, which has already It occurs in several other cities around Brazil and the world.

This will be another very cool event, organized with great dedication and we will have as speakers the Alexandre Paiva, with the lecture “SQL Server - Security Overview” and the Tiago Neves, with the lecture “Backup: This saves your company and your job”.

Official 4 Flyer SQL Server ES Meeting

It will be an event with lots of content, networking and learning for everyone.

Below, more details about the event:

Date: 07/10/2017 (Saturday - no excuse for missing)
Time: 08: 00h at 11: 30h
Location: ISH Tecnologia
Address: Rua Judith Maria Tovar Varejão, 355 Enseada do Suá - CEP 29050-360 - Vitória / ES (see location here)

ISH Tecnologia invited us to hold this event in its facilities and offered full support to the event. We will still have a presentation to learn about the technologies and features of the largest data center in Espírito Santo.

Remember that this event is open to the entire technical and academic community of Espírito Santo.

Make your registration Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days clicking this link here.

We count on your presence there!