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Retrospective and Numbers 2019

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Hey guys!!
Last post of 2019 and can be no different: Retrospective. This year was an EXCELLENT year from a professional and technical point of view, although it was not good at a personal level. So I'll make a summary of everything that happened this year and come on!

Looking coldly at just the numbers, I can say that 2019 was a sensational year:

General Numbers

Students in my safety training: 143
Events that I helped to organize: 6
People at the events I helped to organize: 2.470
Lectures given: 15
People who attended my lectures: 960
Lives / Webcasts I attended: 12
Lives / Webcasts views I attended: 11.122
Posted Videos: 10
Views of my videos in Spreadsheets: 28.714
Blog Views: 503.416
TOTAL IMPACTED PEOPLE IN 2019: 275.412 (Lectures + Lives + Videos + Blog Users)

Blog Numbers

Published articles: 62
Total words: 80.833
Average words per post: 1.304
Blog Views: 503.416 (50% more than 2018)
Usuarios: 234.616 (30% more than 2018)

2019 Blog Numbers


January is a very top month! Month that people are on vacation .. enjoying the beach .. And it's also the month of my most dignified birthday .. But even with many appointments this month, I could still write some articles and participate in lives 🙂

In January, I wrote the following articles:

I also participated in two lives:


February .. heat and month of Carnival! Still, time left to create quality content for the technical community 🙂

In February, I wrote the following articles:

I also participated in two lives:


In March 2019, I was pleased to have some articles published on iMasters, one of the oldest and largest development portals in Brazil. It is really a great honor and satisfaction to be part of this portal, which only gathers professional references in their respective areas.

Also this month, I participated in the organization of 11th Meetup of the local PASS group “SQL Server ES”, where I gave the lecture “Security in SQL Server - Are you leaving the key under the carpet?”, which was a preview of what was shown at the MVPConf Latin America 2019 event and the speaker Tiago Neves presented the lecture “Starting a tuning job” , which was a preview of what he presented at the event SQL Saturday # 819 Brasília

It was also this month that we inaugurated the #TeamFabricioLima online training platform, a subject that I kept “hammering” in Fabrício's head until I decided to put this project to work. The first course available was from Tuning master Fabiano Amorim, the biggest name in Tuning in Brazil and one of the biggest in the WORLD.

In March, I wrote the article General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPDP or LGPD) applied to SQL Server databases and participated in two lives:


Another month that I like a lot is April. Month of the birthday of one of the people I love most in life, which is my daughter Letícia. In terms of contribution, it was a very weak month for me, where my only two contributions were speaking at the Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 - Vitória and at MVPConf, the largest Microsoft expert event in the world.

This month I launched my first training on the #TeamFabricioLima online platform, which is the Security in SQL Server - Module 1, and I had over 120 students in this module alone 1.


Month of my birthday, May was an excellent month. I traveled to Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza for lectures .. I wrote articles, posted videos .. I will explain in more detail below.

On May 11, I had the honor of participating in the organization of the 12th SQL Server ES Meetingwhere we had Power BI talks with MVP Ruy Lacerda and MCSE Thais Mafra.

I participated in a live to DevelopersBR channelwhere I was able to explain in detail various aspects of SQL Server security.

Lecture on SQL Saturday # 844 - Belo Horizonte, with the theme “Security in SQL Server: Are you leaving the key under the rug?”, where I demonstrated the various security risks and loopholes that we may have in our daily lives and we didn't even notice, with some practical examples of this.

On May 17th, I participated in a Live at Canal Planilheiros, the largest Power BI channel in the world, where we officialized my entry in the Planilheiros team, along with Rafael Mendonça. From this moment on, we become part of the channel and posting videos as well.

In May, I wrote the following articles:

And I posted the following videos on Planilheiros Youtube:


June was the month of lectures and travels. Earlier this month, I went to Fortaleza to speak at GPDI Data and Tech 2019, organized by Rafael Mendonça, and at the end of the month, I went to Brasilia to speak at Power BI Roadshow 2019, organized by Ruy Lacerda and Fernando Garcia (Planilheiros).

And a very striking fact for me, was the fact that Brent Ozar, one of the biggest SQL Server references in the world, shared my post on the Security Checklist and sent it along with his website newsletter to all his followers.

On June 16th I participated in the live “Roundtable # 26: End-to-end security - Dev, Infra and BD”, in the channel "Coding Night"

In June, I wrote the following articles:

And I posted the following videos on Planilheiros Youtube:


In July, I was again pleased to organize the 13th PASS Local Group Meetup, “SQL Server ES”, where we had as speaker, the myth Rodrigo Ribeiro, expert in SQL Server, Operating Systems, Troubleshooting, etc ..

Another very striking fact this month for me was the participation in the Mito Fabiano Amorim Podcast, “DELETE SEM WHERE”, where I had the honor of being the first guest of this Fabiano initiative:

I also participated in Live “Quinta com Açaí e Dados”, for the SQL Norte channel. In this live, I was able to share what are the best tools that can help the DBA in their day-to-day and managed to test unusual or known tools that can facilitate and optimize the productivity of a DBA in their work environment.

In July too, I had my MVP title renewed for another year and it is a great satisfaction and honor to be part of this select team of great professionals, influencers, content creators and speakers:

In July, I wrote the following articles:


Worldwide, August has become synonymous with SQL Saturday Victory (kkkkkk) and with this excellent event (the largest data event in the history of Espírito Santo), August was a very special month. A lot of work in organizing the event, a lot to prepare, organize and in the end, everything worked out!

On August 02nd, I joined the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) program

On August 16th I reached the incredible mark of 1.000.000 (1 million) blog views!

And on August 24th, I participated in the organization of SQL Saturday # 900 - Vitória / ES, which had 823 people registered and, on the day of the event, more than 300 people present!

In August, I wrote the following articles:

And I posted the following videos on Planilheiros Youtube:


September, for me, was one of the worst personal months in recent years. My little dog Brucy, who has been with us for almost 14 years (almost the same time I have with Paty) got sick and unfortunately passed away .. It was a very sad month here at home because of this and until today, the record has not yet dropped .. 🙁

On September 18th, I went to Rio de Janeiro to talk about the Power BI Report Server at 3rd Petrobras congress on productivity with Power BI at the invitation of Ruy Lacerda and Fernando Garcia, from the Planilheiros channel.

On September 28th, I went to São Paulo to speak at the SQL Saturday # 906 - São Paulo with the theme "Security in SQL Server - Are you leaving the key under the rug?", where I could talk about the LGPD part, security, data privacy and demonstrate SQL injection attacks, improper access by elevating privileges, representing attacks and several common security flaws that we see daily and how the DBA can protect itself against these attacks.

On September 30th, I participated in the live "Programming with SQL Server - Integrations with files, XML, JSON, APIs and Excel", For DotNET channel.


The month of October was an atypical month .. It was the first month since 2014 that I didn't make any blog posts. However, content production cannot stop .. rs

On October 03rd, I published the video “Power BI Reports on TV, in Full Screen and Switching Tabs” on the Planilheiros channel, where I demonstrated the browsers officially supported by Power BI and give you tips to be able to show the Power BI reports on a TV without having a headache or spending money for nothing.

On October 11, I participated in the Live “Roundtable # 31: Performance in accessing data in .NET and Azure”, from the channel coding night:

On October 13, I published the video “How to create custom visuals (Custom Visuals) in Power BI with D3.js” on the Planilheiros channel:

On October 20, I published the video “Power BI - Filtering the columns of a data set (dynamic columns)” on the Planilheiros channel:


November is the month I celebrated 15 years of relationship with Paty and so, I couldn't do so much .. lol

On November 18, I went to São Paulo to participate in the “Power Platform World Tour - SP”, where I had the opportunity to give 3 lectures at this, which is the largest Power Platform event in the world. The themes of my lectures were:

  • Power BI Report Server - The Ultimate BI and Data Visualization Solution for Your Business
  • Monitoring Your SQL Server Environment with Power BI
  • Power BI: DirectQuery, Live Connection, and Import

In November, I wrote the following articles:


Last month of the year, month when people usually slow down, right? Well, with me it was the opposite .. December I was able to produce a lot of content to share with you!

On December 07th, I went to Belém do Pará to speak at “Data Tech Day 4”, organized by Wiluey Sousa and other members of SQL North. It was an epic event and very well organized, where I had the pleasure of giving 2 lectures:

  • Programming with SQL Server
  • Power BI + Analysis Services - Analyzing Big Data

On December 12 and 13, I was in São Paulo, to participate in Microsoft Ignite - The Tour, an official Microsoft event on new technologies and tools that are coming to the market, where I was able to do a lot of networking

On the 13th, after Ignite, MVP's from all over Brazil were invited to a Happy Hour at XP Investimentos' headquarters. It was really cool to see friends again and talk about business, community, technical tips and also, about life beyond IT and work .. lol

On December 14, MVP's were again invited to go to Microsoft headquarters to participate in an event focused on communities, innovation and technology. We watched incredible talks with the leader of the innovation area at XP Investimentos and also at Tania Cosentino, president of Microsoft Brazil, among other talks organized by other MVP's.

On December 19th, I participated in the Organization of “14th PASS Local Group SQL Server ES Meetup”, where I also spoke about “Power BI + Analysis Services - Analyzing big data”, together with my friend and teammate, Leandro Lima.

In December, I wrote the following articles:

That's it folks!
I wish you a happy new year, and may 2020 be an amazing year in every way!

See you next year!