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1st SQL Server Meetup at Microsoft - 16/10/2018 - 19 pm (On-site Event in São Paulo)

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Speak guys!

On 16/10/2018, at 19pm, I will participate in the 1st SQL Server Meetup, in São Paulo (capital), a face-to-face event at Microsoft headquarters where Fabiano Amorim and Thiago Alencar (two dudes monsters in SQL Server) ) we will be discussing issues that are hot at the moment, such as DBA Tools and SQL Server 2019.

This is a great opportunity for those from São Paulo to meet me in person and to increase our contact and Networking, as well as having contact with Tuning legend Fabiano Amorim and Thiago Alencar.

To register for the event, access this link here.

Event's place

Microsoft SP
United Nations Avenue 12901, North Tower, Brooklin Paulista
Sao Paulo-SP

That's it folks!
Wait for you there!

PS: If you don't fill the auditorium, I won't be back. kkkkkkkkkk